Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm an Architect ..

I'm an Architect ..
Its a statement...or may be argument for some people...but thats the fact..
my university gave me that degree...
From first yr of my college I'm being asked...what is architecture...WDF ???
every professor needs different answer representing his subject into it..
what should we do???
Actually...what I think ...
Architects are sandwiched betweem artists and businessman..
Architects who make money works on many projects..but they dont look at art or aything shit..damn...thing..
Architects in magazines , books , news papers does only 15 to 20 projects in whole lifetime and tell stories of that all over the world..
I'm an theory..and by degree..
but what m i doing now? working with an MNC...9:30   to 6:30 ...waiting for salary on every month end...??damn..
is it real architecture??
does this mean that I' m an Architect ???

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